The Girl with Ironwings

Lift your head up princess. Madness is Genius.


I guess I am going to explode. You know, when you shake a bottle of beer, and then you open it and it just explodes and comes out all fizzling and hissing? That's how I feel. Basically I am not... Continue Reading →


Okay I’m going to be calm....Calm. Aaaaaah ok no. I know most of my posts are, umm.. well, a bit deep? But this is completely different. I felt I really needed to share these, cuz I am really hyped up.... Continue Reading →

You And I

Stories Untold

when i tilt my head up, you stare back at me vexedly, and my fingers instantaneously fly to my mouth, an inwardly gasp coming out through my lips.

baffled, i slide my fingers through the contours of my face, feeling the bumps and crevices of my nose, cheeks, chin; feeling the texture of my skin.

you’re simultaneously moving your arms in synchronization and i stifle my scream.

you and i, we have the same dark brown eyes – eyes that are not completely windows to our souls, eyes that hold burning embers underneath.

you and i, we have the same complexion and when i force the corners of my lips to curl upwards a little bit, we flash the same subtle dimple and now i’m terrified.

i’m terrified because i see you; i see your pretty face but i also see those monsters you’re trying to hide behind it. i…

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16 Life Lessons In 16 Years!

  [ APRIL 8th ] Holy crap guys!! I am officially 16! That’s two eight year old joined together. That means 8 x 2 years of experience in this twisted world. As much as I am more terrified than excited... Continue Reading →

Get off my Back and Deal with it

Dear you, For once, I'm fed up. Fed up of you making my life an even bigger drama-fest. I'm entirely sick of all the pretence, the gossips and your back-stabbing words. You're toxic. You lured my friends away from me.... Continue Reading →

Beauty and a storm

 Ever wondered about it really? Whoaoa..this makes my heart weep something rich. (Hurricane Katrina?) Xoxo

Can’t Help It

No, but I just can't help hating it. The way teens around the world are being treated. I mean, we're just normal humans with an age and a life, not inhuman aliens. I hate it. The way they gush and... Continue Reading →

Don’t Be Shallow

No. You're not the one who lacks depth of a character. With no empathy. Oh, that destroys the whole purpose. What is the point of an exquisite and cutting diamond dangling on a heartless chest? Which doesn't understand the depth... Continue Reading →

Miss being a Kid

I miss being a kid. Birthday parties in class with cakes, Where everyone felt invited, When there were no grumbles and secrets, When there were nothing such as “RumOurs” Spelling tests with the extra credit word being happiness, Being able to run... Continue Reading →

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