Let’s Do with a Story 

So, I had to babysit a group of primary kids a week ago, and I had to read them a book everyday. I got pretty bored soon, so I started making up stories on my own.

And here’s one, not just for kids, but for every damn person on earth. Especially for schoolers of all age. I hope you take in the underlying theme, because with that in mind, we can all together be unique in an exceptional way. 🙂

Mrs.Fox was happy.

With gleaming eyes and boundless faith, she hoped that her newly opened school would be a flying success. There were more than 100 admissions, and just a couple more weeks to go.

She was determined to make it the best school in the entire Jungle and introduced everything in the curriculum – reading, writing, arithmetic, swimming, dancing, running, climbing trees etc. and insisted that the teachers should take classes regularly and test the students periodically. Students would be made to compete on all grounds and be awarded with Merit Certificates and medals.

Classes started. Students were advised to take notes in class, memorize every lesson sincerely, and do homework daily. And exams were scheduled too.

However, as weeks passed by, the teachers were extremely unsatisfied with the results.

However much they ever tried, they couldn’t teach the Lion to swim, the fish to run and the tiger, to even hold a pencil!

The crow refused to sing and the fox could never fly.

The teachers tried all the methods and regularly conducted extra classes, special classes on Sundays and drilled the students to the utmost. Results would be moderate on one day, and yet the next day they would be as bad as ever.

The teachers awarded regular punishments to the students, believing they would become a “little more sincere”.

The peacock would help the teacher conduct dancing classes but the pig would not get a single step correct.

Likewise the owl did not want to learn to read and the monkey could not swim.
All the students failed in the exams.

The jungle folks were very worried and the fox was in an abyss. The baby animals felt guilty, depressed and useless. They didn’t like school.

They had destroyed all hopes of Mrs. Fox and their parents. Probably they were useless and undeserving. They hated the neighbours’ comments and their mums looking sad.

But every rain blooms flowers. The wise owl then told a brilliant plan to Mrs.Fox.

Let the students take up the class they want to and then conduct the exam. The monkey did not have to learn swimming anymore, but the crocodile could practice swimming and diving.

The crow could fly and learn to do somersaults in the air and the squirrel could continue learning to crack nuts. The birds could sing and the turtles didn’t have to climb trees.

School became a lovely place where everyone could do what they wished, where interests and passion were developed till the students mastered them, and there was no more “stress”.
The ducks swam all day and the peacocks danced all week.

When the exams were conducted, all the students passed with flying colours.

The animals weren’t “bad” and dunce at everything. They were just masters in a certain thing.

And so are you.

So the next time you don’t feel your heart leaping with joy, as you work out Chemistry, keep it away for once. Show them. Prove them that a pioneer in dance, music, arts or language, doesn’t have to work out formulae and decipher quantum theories, and vice versa.


P.S. I’m so sorry for being so quiet for such a long time!! (In case you didn’t notice my absence, never mind.😂) I’ve got so many posts in draft, but I couldn’t just post them. And the blogosphere seems super quiet suddenly and it’s deafening. I hope I fully reconnect soon! XX


YA Novels vs Reality/ Oh please

So, Have you ever felt you have grown up a fair bit (by age), but haven’t lived up to your full potential, or did the things you could have done by now? Or life could have been something more interesting now that you’re growing old or something? (Oh, get a grip, I’m around 16, not OLD old.)

***If yes, you might be having a case of Too-Much-YA-ficiton-itis***

There’s hasn’t been a DAY I haven’t worried about this. But recently this feeling seems to have intensified. Why?

  1.  I’ve been having loads of free time and hols, since Easter
  2. I’m reading a lot of fiction and YA.


Oh please, teens my age are saving the world already!🤐

There are 16 year old kids dating multiple boyfriends (who knows how many more are yet to fall for them), kicking butt on the battlefield, smoking weed/pot/whatever, and oh, getting pregnant.

(Speaking of pregnancy, oh goodness!! Is underage-pregnancy the new trend?! I need to write a whole post on this. *mutters to myself*)

And not to forget, they’re also fighting Lord Voldemort (or You-Know-Who huh), becoming Vampires, fighting the Hunger Games, getting into Factions and starting a new life and also leading a war. (WAIT. WAR??!!?)

And they are also discovering that they’re the long-lost princess from the Kingdom of um,…Excuse-Me-While-I-Get-Sick? And also they’re 16.

Again, I know it’s “Book World” and not “Real World”, but in My World, I don’t know where one ends and the next one starts.

I know I sound like a tiny kid who just found out Santa isn’t real. But it’s something deeper here. I don’t want to save the world from evil. (Not that I’d hate it 😝) But I’d like to live my teenage years in a way that’s more than homework, gossips, jokes, social media and selfies.

In plain words, I am confused about my life. I don’t know where I’m heading.

But here with Miss. Protagonist, my case is like- JUST WHO IS THE MAGICAL PERSON. WHY DO THEY HAVE THEIR LIFE PUT TOGETHER SO WELL BUT PRETEND IT’S MESSED UP BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT THE OTHERS DO? For me, I just learnt to make an omelette yesterday.

Hands up, I agree it’s all amazing to be a part of Not-Normal Land and dream all day, and get transported into book world. Hell, I’ve been dreaming this way for 16 years of my life and where did I get? I remain right here.

It’s honestly depressing. Or even frustrating. I don’t know why this is happening to me. I’m a Mega-huge fiction lover. And I’m currently reading a YA/fiction, and I’m even addicted while I read it. But when I shut the book and think, the reality floods in like a huge slapping ice-cold wave on my frolics and sunshine.

Did you ever notice that YAs have the BEST friendship and boyfriend goals? It’s more common there to have your friends and boyfriend(s) sticking up to you in matters of life and death, and not your parents.

Did you take time to think that it might not be true at all, no matter how hard we wish it was? (It’s breaking me to say this, but I’ve come here. So here we go)

Your parents and family is what stays with you till the end. Friends are amazing. I promise you can’t be without them. But they come and go. You might have to change or even move on sometimes. And its not really a Forever with every single person you fancy. But that’s not the case with family.

I think YAs sometimes make kids devalue home, in a supposedly “cool” way.



The teenage main character finds out a mega-huge secret about the enemy mean girl/ army/ corrupt govt./ mysterious serial killer/ sketchy biology teacher. They run to people with power. And then either someone listens to them and joins them on the investigation/resistance right away, or they gather a group/army and fight.

SERIOUSLYY?! *eye rolls* I only wish it were that simple. I can’t even fight the trash-problem in my next street.

Everyone seems to follow the protagonist because they seem to be the Chosen One for…um..no reason??

AND HEY IS THIS CLOUD PALACE IN HEAVEN? Because everyone seems to be as beautiful as Gods and Goddesses dropped straight from the abode of the angels.

Just puh-lease.

I’m surrounded by teenagers 85-90% of the time and let me tell you the fact that they can be sporty, awkward, gothy, nerdy, geeky and not just plain pretty and too much into makeup. Say hello to braces, pimples, weird fashion trends and frizzy hair. Not everyone looks like someone who can win a Gigi Hadid look-alike competition!

And Love Triangles!!

Don’t even get me started there.

And it’s even okay with love triangles, but sadly it doesn’t stop there. It becomes Love Quadilaterals, and even Love Octagons who knows!?

And hell with the ‘Forevers’and ‘Happily Ever Afters ‘. And it’s even worse in vampire stuff.

They get married and live happily ever after with their high school boyfriend/girlfriend. And mind it. Happily ever after here means 1000 years-something.
Sure, some of my classmates will end up marrying their current boyfriend/girlfriend but most will breakup before or during college.

And hey, most teens are looking for someone who’d be a good prom date, not a good father. This doesn’t mean that our feelings of love, confusion, and crushes are less serious, or that we don’t need narratives about teenage relationships. But making every teenage love story a permanent installment shows a fundamental lack of understanding of teens.
We might not want to envision breaking up with someone, but very few of us are looking for a true ‘forever love’ or a spiritual soul-mate whatever.

And there’s more, but I don’t want to make this uber-long. Oopsie. 😝

P.S. So all of this doesn’t mean I’m against YA Novels. Some of my favourite reads are still YA.
I understand YA is fiction, and a story about a teenager’s every day life went would be pretty boring.

But I read a fair amount of YA fiction and it got on my nerves that EVERY book seemed to revolve around the SAME concept- Ultra Hot boys and too much cliche.

I like YA stuff but I think we need more than the current stuff. And hence the post. 😉🙂

So long,


Catching up after a couple of months

Aaaahhhh. Okay. Calm down.

I can’t believe I’m back??!!

Hey have you ever realised, too much inspiration pretty much equals no inspiration? I just did. *rolls eyes*

I’m back to blogging after 2 MONTHS, (a social-media-less one, at that) and I’m FULL OF IDEAS, and excited at meeting friends that I can hardly fathom where to start even. 😂 (Oh God, pity me).

For starters, I had to break from my blogging schedule (not that I really a proper one, lol) because I had a really hectic time at school, because we were rushing up badly with coursework submission, class tests, mocks, projects, and LOADS of homework and revision, that I felt I could NOT possibly afford to take any social media time. And the month was good and I’m glad that I managed.

And then came Easter! I had a lovely Easter with my friends and family. (I really hope you guys did too. And happy late Easter! Eeks.😁).

We had a nice dinner and hey Easter Eggs were the BEST! ( Just who doesn’t love them?)

And my Easter hols were so cool. An absolute pleasure especially after the hectic month I’d had. I felt super free and excited all day.

I think that’s the bus (I’m walking past the bus stop rn). The horn is terrible by the way. It’s blaring, which makes me wonder if I might possibly go deaf the next time I hear it.

Also I can’t basically WAIT FOR SUMMER. I know it’s a little early but the smell of holidays has left me dreaming about beaches and sunshine. But spring is terrific in its own essence, I must agree.

And oh I shall be going on a holiday this summer!

And then, on the darker side of all this comes the worry of choosing Higher subjects, getting into Sixth Form, doing my Standard Grades (aka, the GCSEs) and departing tearfully from Year 11 (Class 10, or Fourth Year), which I think has been one of the best years I’ve ever had in my life at school.

Oh hey, my loveliest friend Gracie performed in the London Theatre! (Emphasis on the “LONDON THEATRE”!!) Omg I still find it hard to believe because I’ve always held so much respect and LOVE for that place. (although I haven’t visited it, which is SAD). So I had moments of being uncontrollably happy whenever she gave me her updates.

She had loads of people buying tickets for her show (which is AMAZING OMG) and the lovely Elm was one of them! She is so incredibly sweet. And I can only stop myself from screaming. Aaah. 😀😃

Also, I’ve been hanging out at a friend’s house for the past couple of days, along with another friend. It was SO fun. I mean, we just sat there painting cards and cracking stupid jokes and making an idiot of ourselves, while beach songs played in the background. (I know it’s a bit early for beach songs, but it’s cool, though). It was really relaxing and it warmed me so much. What better way is there, other than to chill out with your mates? So I decided I should probably go out a lot this year.

Um, I read a couple of YA which were okay? One of them is called The Red Hot Love Hunt. It’s a perfect summer-read and it made me feel all nice and summery!

Oh my God I almost fell over a Nettle bush. Oh Goodnesss! *Internally freaks out*

I’ve been having terrific rehearsals for a dance program that I am doing by the end of this month. You just can’t imagine how vigorous they are- it makes me really tired but it sure makes up for all the working out that I’d planned to do this year.

But it’s a big sigh when it comes to the fact that I feel like I want to go to bed as early as 8 pm after the tired day – meaning, I can’t stay up watching movies or reading or chatting away. Argh!

Also I’ve joined a local library which is absolutely terrific!! It’s been years since I went there, but now when I stepped inside, it was almost like the place was set up for meee!! Like hey, can you imagine it had almost all of my favourite reads? Oh my God. Gobsmacked!

Did I tell you that I felt like a few days of school would be nice, during Easter hols? I know I know. I must be mad. All the year I keep dreaming about holidays and almost die waiting for it. But now that it’s here, oh well, you can imagine.

Wait. Not that I really wanted to go to school. It was just a mo of desperation. Oh whatever. I better shut up before I confuse you mad. Hehe.😂

Anyway so HOW ARE YOU ALL????!!!

Ahh I’m basically dying to catch up. I must have missed loads and have definitely got a LOT of posts to read through. I promise I’ll catch up by this weekend and until then feel absolutely free to update me because I’d just LOVE TO HEAR IT ALL.

Poor me. I kind of feel lost. Oops. *Shys away*



Heaps of Love to Gracie Chick

Dearest Gracie,

It is the 29th of January… aaannd….


Joyeux Anniversaire mon meilleur ami !!!! (A tiiinny bit of French that I know😂)


We alwaays have soo much to talk and that’s one of the most brilliant things I can say about us. I can act as stupid as I want and say anything that I feel at the moment, and still feel comfortable when I’m with you. So here’s my attempt today, at conjuring some of my whirlwind thoughts and memories into something memorable for you. (Now this is a nice way to start isn’t it?)

I have little memory when it comes to my blogging history so I don’t remember the exact time when we first came across each other. But I do remember the first impression your blog had upon me.

I was new to blogging then and stumbling upon your blog had a massive impression on me. (It still does)

I love your writing style, how refreshing it is and how much your posts have taught me, can’t be expressed simply in words.

I know you’re probably celebrating now with your parents and friends, and as much I’d have loved to be there, I’m hoping to give you a present of words to equalise my absence.

I hope that this can show you how much I’ve valued you giving your thoughts to the world and how, I think, everyone should learn from what you’ve learned. I’ve alwaaays felt the same about our world, and that way I badly wanted to make a change. And to think someone was so passionate about that inspired me millions. To come across an entire blog upon that, lightened me up soo much! It gave me hope. And that is something I will never ever forget.

One of my biggest blogging blunders is that I’m not consistent. I go on breaks now and then, and even though I’ve met loads of lovely people and good friends here, my breaks leave an explicable gap. And before things are patched up, I’ll have to go again. But guess What? That hasn’t been the case with you.

You’ve alwaaays been there. Always there to talk to, someone to whom I could update what’s going on and it has been absolutely lovely. We’ve grown close in the past few months and I already feel like I’ve known you for years.

I remember vividly all those days when we used to chat for hours on end, and then keep calling each other because we simple can’t fix up a time for Skyping. I guess its still the same with us. 😂

I remember us trying pathetically to focus on work, when we’re badly tempted to reply to each other. And to think I was doing that on the previous day of my exam as well! Oh bother. 😜

I still smile at myself, thinking about the time when I used to come home after my exams and instantly check Skype. And then we start with 1 and end at 52526. 😂

From there, you’ve let me know how lovely, sweet and calm you can be. How much certain people can click so well. And not to forget your comments. They’re something I look forward to, each time I post. And I promise, every time they make me happy as hell. ❤

You are strong. And I know exactly how you’re feeling. As much as I’m tempted to grab you by the hand and make you sit next to me in class, and give you a real-life experience of how school works, and how we rag each so much there, all I can tell you now is that, you’ll one day experience that in your own way.

Your journey will take you places. Places to die for, and where you’ll get to meet amazing people. (DO NOT FORGET ME ON THE WAY OR I’LL HUNT YOU) Just kidding ?! 😂 Well, no.

It may seem tough, but in this world of internet and media, Skype, and whatnot, we are one large community in a large village. So one day you might visit your farm and relish the memories you had there. 🙂

You have an open mind and you will see snippets of sights that a lot of people will never see in their lifetime; I’m proud of you for taking something from each moment and for living, laughing and being so cheerful throughout, no matter what troubles come in your way. It is inspiring, if I must say.

To me, your life seems like an amazing journey and I think it’s so important that everyone should open their minds to new ways of living so that they can see how people live in different countries that aren’t their own. You could teach me a lot and I’d love to sit down with you and talk for hours.

You’ve shown me that there’s far more to life than just school, that the world holds so many undiscovered secrets, and one must keep searching until he finds his purpose; his destination. You, and by extension your family, have shown me that community, love and respect go a long way, that even when times get tough, there’s always a new life. That might sound really cheesy but I’m honestly so grateful to you for broadening my mind and letting me see the world you live in, if only in your words.

Today, having completed another successful year in this unfathomable roar of a life, and having grown a little bigger, throw your rays of sunshine as hard as you can. Let it reach even the darkest of places and you will be a brilliant galaxy of sunrays; of hope and happiness. Something that you’ve always wanted to be. And something you will be.

It makes me happy that you’re already trying so much. Because today it seems hard to come across such people who actually care about our world. You have helped people and you always will.

And in that process, I swear we’ll stay together through whatever happens. You’ve given me so much and I can’t forget that, or ever replace it. And once again, many happy returns of this lovely day!! 😁💕

Lots of love

Your amazing friend,


HELP, I’m Having a Breakdown

The heart wants to be free, and it always wins, no matter what the mind screams. Did you realise that?

Your mind might scream not to open your phone during revision time, but the heart wants to check that one message, that the person you love has sent. It’s sad, but it’s true.

Your mind might ask you to sit down for revision because there’s hardly any time left, but your heart desperately wants to finish that one piece of poetry that you’ve been working on for hours.

The heart makes us do irrational things, but *sigh*, it’s the sad truth. I’m having a hugee dilemma over here, because I’ve got no idea whatsoever about what I’m going to be doing after school.

I know it’s probably a little early to think about that, but everyone seems have some idea. I do too, but I’m not sure because I’m scared.

I’ve got around 2 or 3 options for myself, but they’re so contrasting and lovely, that it pretty much drives me nuts. The majority of my doubts are at whether I should choose Biology for my Highers or not. (Pleasee, I’m falling all over you. HELP ME!)

My mind tells me I should, because both my parents are huge doctors. Almost my entire family is made up of doctors. Most of my cousins are Med-students. So I am pretty much sure that if I take Biology, I’ll have a good chance of getting into a proper university.


Things don’t work out that easily.

My heart just isn’t there. Sadly, it is with Maths. I can’t simply leave Maths. I may not score a centum on my paper all the time, but I love doing it so much. And Physics fascinates me like hell.

But what about the odds?

And sure my parents are willing to let me do whatever I want. They’re incredibly lovely and supportive, but deep down I know both of them want me to take Biology and settle in with the ‘class’.

This has been affecting me really deep, since another discussion popped up in my house about whether I should go to the United States, for college. And for that, I’ll need to coach myself from right this minute, because I’ll have to take the SAT exam this year. Like what?! No I’m not ready for that now.

I had several meltdowns over this matter, since last November. I cried many times because I was so fucking scared. I even broke down in front of my parents which I completely regret now. (I feel really guilty, because my tears baffled them and they looked so lost and sad. That was THE LAST thing I ever wanted.)

See? So I’m not really sure. I can’t even stand strong on my decisions. I get fits of emotions and get panicky whenever I even think about it.

Also, I can’t really sit down, let it go and let things work on their own, because one thing I’ve really learnt is that, they bloody don’t work that way.

After spending hours and weeks together, pondering over this, I short-listed everything.

The conflict is now between the mind and the heart.
The heart is weak and vulnerable to breaks. But it is the thing that drives you anywhere you want. The mind is logical. It stops you from going all over yourself and being stupid.

So what to do? Easy. Let them co-ordinate. But how do I do that?

Should I take Biology and keep Maths as a side-stream, or take Maths and keep Biology and research stuff side-stream? (Although I’m a little sure that the first case doesn’t work out that easily.)



With Love,

Me 🙂

6 Ways you can Live your Life This Year



Just this once, quit the loads of resolutions. Fix your mind with one little thing: Live your life and try your best.

Nothing else matters, see? You may have one hundred issues of anxiety, depression, fears, doubts, paranoia etc. But, they don’t get to decide your life. You do. 

It’s YOUR life, and something only you can control. Feels pretty great, eh? That’s how you’ve always been. Pretty great. Don’t let the grey world stop you from shining bright.

So this time, don’t force rules on yourself. They’re not going to work in the long run. So this 2018, the focus is going to be on you. 

I’m not going to tell you how to live. I’m not perfect and neither are you. So here are 6 pointers to keep in mind while we live through this year. 

Because in the roar of unfathomable turns that life takes, there are few things to keep in mind, so that you don’t forget the essentialities of what makes you a good person. 🙂 

6 Things To Keep In Mind While You Live:

        1. Love Yourself:

Be kind to yourself. You go through so much. Give yourself the credits. Don’t hate yourself. You are worth a million.

Don’t let anyone walk over you. I want you to love every inch of yourself from the frizzy little hairs sprouting out from your gorgeous head to the broken nails on your toe. So much that you forget what it is like to be hurt by someone else.


        2. Quit the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’:

“But what if…it goes wrong?”. Oh yes, it might go wrong. But does that mean you can’t go it anymore? So what if it goes wrong? All that matters is that, you tried. And I bet you now know where you went wrong, so that you can do it to perfection the next time. 


         3. Make Things Happen:

I used to think, “Oh if it’s meant to happen, then it will happen. No worries”. Wrong. If you want it to happen, then you make things happen. In your own way. Try and go get it. 


         4. Be Kind to Others:

It never hurts them, but only helps. And you don’t lose anything in the process, either. I’ve let out my anger many times recently, until I realised how useless it was. It only makes things worse. 

Take a second to tell people how much you love them. It makes their day.


        5. Don’t try to Please Others. Make Yourself Happy.

Help people. But don’t try to make everyone happy. You can’t be loyal to everyone. Put yourself first and make yourself happy. 

Remember, happiness is a choice. You can’t help anyone if you are so miserable that you can’t help yourself. You can love as strongly, as deeply, as ever before. There’s no change in that.


        6. Last of All, Do what feels Right to you:

You know best about your life. Don’t try to figure out everything. Just do what feels right to you. You don’t have to follow anything either. Just be yourself. The best people in life are free and spontaneous.

Think for a minute as soon as you get out of bed, every morning. Tell yourself how lucky you are. Get yourself together and start your day, afresh. 🙂


So there it goes! Now that our day is here, let us look forward to all joy, fun and hope. let us look forward to all the stuff this year, and the future, holds for us. Let us all form a big blogging community, where everyone helps one another, where there’s no egosim, competition or any other negativity. We’re all friends. We all need each other.

So thank you so so so much my dear friends for giving me an amazing blogging time this year, and helping me celebrate my first Christmas and New Year on this blog. You’ve lighten me up on bad days, and supported me, and I can’t replace that.

Just know I LOVE YOU ALL FREAKING SO MUCH. Don’t leave me please. You won’t right? 🙂



A Quick Christmas Journal 2017

Wait. Aaahh Christmas is over already??! 
Omg am I the only one without a Christmassy post up on my blog?! *sniffing back tears* 

I did enjoy Christmas terribly though! With the shopping bags, fireworks, party and gifts, I kicked it through!!! Yay! I’m sure everyone had their best day, and also, a belated MEERRYY CHRISSTMAASS!! 💖❣💟💝 (*covering my face * Sorryy!!)

I was really busy with the preparations and assignments from school that i basically had to delete WordPress to protect myself from the colossal d.i.s.t.r.a.c.t.i.o.n? I’ve got so many drafts with pictures uploaded, but they are soo unorganized, that you wouldn’t make head or tail out of it. 😅 

Anyway, first things first, so here comes the tree!

                                 Here’s the Tree!

This tree is technically my sister’s because she was the one who set up most of it and took the picture.


This one is Monica’s. She has set up around 3 trees because they’re a huge family and they all live together. 

There are loaaddss of pictures that I took from the town square- Christmas markets, decorations, fireworks and such. But as I said, I have NO idea where to start even. So let’s go to the Christmas Goodies.

Reindeer cookies!! Gosh these are basically to die for. I love them a lot. 

I have no idea what cake it exactly was but whatever it is, I swear it was THE BEST jar cake I’ve ever tasted!!    It’s basically red velvet cake and belgium chocolate along with cheese and vanilla. Aaah do try one.

Christmas kisses!!! That was probably the best idea they came up with, because this was the first time I ate this version. 

I think I’m going to die looking at this picture. My friend threw a party just before Christmas, at a burger place and this one was my MOSST favourite food of all!!! (Wait. I love Cheese, alright?)

(Noooo. I basically can’t live without Cheese, alright? *mouth waters* )

So coming to the gifts! 

It’s a towel set. And down below is an eye shadow kit. I also got liquid liners from Rimmel and Kyle’s liquid gloss. Omg I love them soo much!!

A few of my favourite nail colours! I used to be really obsessed with nail makeup and designs, but now I basically have noo time to even do my homework , let alone look at my nails. How pathetic.

I thought this one looked a bit cool for something comfy, chic and casual? 

I almost freaked out on this. I am crazzyy about Swaroski, and basically have an entire collection of Swaroski goods and necklaces. ( Hey I’m not a jewel maniac! I love collecting, okay? )

So these are a few of the major gifts! Apart from the Christmas goodies, chocolates and cakes. Dinner was awesome too. (As usual) 

And that’s a quick review of Christmas 2017. 

It was great fun doing this post. I’m more than just waiting to look at YOUR Quick Christmas Journal too! What do you think?