The Girl with Ironwings

Lift your head up princess. Madness is Genius.

Can’t Help It

No, but I just can't help hating it. The way teens around the world are being treated. I mean, we're just normal humans with an age and a life, not inhuman aliens. I hate it. The way they gush and... Continue Reading →

Don’t Be Shallow

No. You're not the one who lacks depth of a character. With no empathy. Oh, that destroys the whole purpose. What is the point of an exquisite and cutting diamond dangling on a heartless chest? Which doesn't understand the depth... Continue Reading →

Miss being a Kid

I miss being a kid. Birthday parties in class with cakes, Where everyone felt invited, When there were no grumbles and secrets, When there was nothing such a RumOur Spelling tests with the extra credit word beingĀ happiness, Being able to... Continue Reading →

“DOn’t Set Thyself on Fire”

"Don't Set Yourself On Fire, To Keep Others Warm" Your hair is burnt; from all the times you clipped your own wings, forbid yourself to be free, just to make someone else happy. You fingertips blistered, from all the times... Continue Reading →

You can't have a rainbow without a little rain.

Tommy Shoes!!

Looking for a pair of good shoes? Come here!


Ah. Middle-school rumours!!! Tell me the name of a single girlie who's gone through her middle school days, without getting stuck into the mess of a nasty rumour about her..I'll award you. I bet my ass you couldn't think of... Continue Reading →

Hello world!

  I'm a teen chick..And..I've decided to start a blog. This blog. Why?.. you might ask.. As you know, there are always a trillion number of issues that a normal high school girl would want to pour about. Ofcourse, being... Continue Reading →

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