Heaps of Love to Gracie Chick

Dearest Gracie, It is the 29th of January... aaannd.... Wait. Okay. ERRHHMMAAGAAWDD Joyeux Anniversaire mon meilleur ami !!!! (A tiiinny bit of French that I know😂) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE LOVELIEST OF ALL PEOPLE ON EAARRTH!!! Oh I'm so H O O K. We alwaays have soo much to talk and that's one of the... Continue Reading →


HELP, I’m Having a Breakdown

The heart wants to be free, and it always wins, no matter what the mind screams. Did you realise that? Your mind might scream not to open your phone during revision time, but the heart wants to check that one message, that the person you love has sent. It's sad, but it's true. Your mind might ask you to... Continue Reading →

6 Ways you can Live your Life This Year

  Just this once, quit the loads of resolutions. Fix your mind with one little thing: Live your life and try your best. Nothing else matters, see? You may have one hundred issues of anxiety, depression, fears, doubts, paranoia etc. But, they don't get to decide your life. You do.  It's YOUR life, and something... Continue Reading →

A Quick Christmas Journal 2017

Wait. Aaahh Christmas is over already??!  Omg am I the only one without a Christmassy post up on my blog?! *sniffing back tears*  I did enjoy Christmas terribly though! With the shopping bags, fireworks, party and gifts, I kicked it through!!! Yay! I'm sure everyone had their best day, and also, a belated MEERRYY CHRISSTMAASS!!... Continue Reading →

‘Cuz Strong is the New Pretty

And oh do do read this one till the end! Pretty please?  I've included a few taglines and such and I'm entirely sure you'll love it. Because I've made it as strong as possible. ❤  'Cause strong is now the new pretty, right?   And that is the thing about her, see? She kept on surviving with... Continue Reading →

Welcome To Our Society

WELCOME TO OUR SOCIETY Here you'll be judged on what you wear, your taste in music, what you look like and the language you speak. Here is where the residents decide to look at your skin colour, your height, your weight and practically every other personal trait and "'imperfection'" about you,..and NOT at the beating... Continue Reading →

How craazyy you can get when home alone|

Okaaayyy now you gotta be ready for some serious craaay craayy stuff here!!!!  DISCLAIMAR: There's going to be some serious wacko stuff, that you might wonder whether I am insane already and probably possibly maintain a distance from me, from now on. But don't everrr do that because I love you guys. ❤😆😂 So lets hear... Continue Reading →


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