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Hello world!


I’m a teen chick..And..I’ve decided to start a blog.

This blog.

Why?.. you might ask..

As you know, there are always a trillion number of issues that a normal high school girl would want to pour about. Ofcourse, being in this world, you don’t always find many people around you that you can completely trust.

But a person can bottle up things only upto a level. And I’ve got tonns of things to let out daily..that are fizzing up inside of me ..

People told me that writing a diary would be a great way of expressing your feelings; And that it allows you to communicate with your inner self and that,it is important, for this period of growth. And ofcourse I tried keeping up one,too. Only that, like all of you guys, it never worked out for me either. It wasn’t even a whole three weeks did I write, that I decided to give up.

And then I got this great idea of starting a blog, so that I could post out lots of stuff, for teen girls like me to read..For those girls who probably face the same kind of troubles. To let them know that they aren’t alone in this world.

How cool is that?!





There'll be HAters, dOubters, nOn-beliEvers.. And then there'll be YoU.. ProVing them WRoNg..

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