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Ah. Middle-school rumours!!!

Tell me the name of a single girlie who’s gone through her middle school days, without getting stuck into the mess of a nasty rumour about her..I’ll award you.

I bet my ass you couldn’t think of one!

Well, just as always.. We’re still stuck in the midst of random crap.

LIFE, duh! What do you expect? And then there are these heart-wrenching situations when you find out that those rumours were sparked out by your own ex-BFF, or maybe your own friends, for that matter..

A Slap on your face, or a Stab in your back with the sharpest knife ever,would do just well. 

Well, just as always, I reached school today morning when I heard about the rumours. I learn a lot of things about myself through these know. The news was that, according to them, I was a “boy-crazy”, “two-faced” slut with large teeth and whatsoever nonsense. It seems that I had opened up a fake account to talk to guys and and I save their pictures on my phone. Like who the ell would be that JOBLESS to do all that? NOT ME. NEVER ME.

And you could have more than stabbed my back when I heard that my former-BFF was the one spreading it. I started crying, which I don’t usually do.bck talk


Well as things went on.. I finally started to realize that, the more you worry about stuff, the more people start to believe it. Girls, let me tell you, the BEST way to deal with such nasty stuff, is to COMPLETELY IGNORE THEM. What on earth are you going to accomplish, by making those people who don’t use their heads before beliving such nasty stuff about you..think great of you? cheat     

 They aren’t even worth your time. Never let people side-track you. You’ll finally learn that it was the ones who loved you all way through..are the ones who will put you in a high place.






There'll be HAters, dOubters, nOn-beliEvers.. And then there'll be YoU.. ProVing them WRoNg..

14 thoughts on ““RumOurs”

        1. God thankss a million. ❤❤ This means entirely soo so much to me. You seem to be such a nice and sweet person. I’d love to get to know you more!

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  1. Rumors are so hurtful. I’m sorry you have to go through all that. As you get older, all this nastiness will eventually fade away and you will be surrounded by people of your choosing – those who truly care about you. You can’t control what others do or say, but you have total control about how you react. Be the best person you can be, act and speak with integrity and kindness. In the end, their mean-spiritedness will say more about them than it says about you. ❤

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    1. Ooh God Thank youu soo soo muchh. ❤ This means just so much to me. I don’t let those people trouble me at all anymore. I can’t let myself be caught again, can I? ☺ I am much more cautious and this just makes me feel a lot more stronger!! Gosh, thank you so much for reading. Aaaahh!! I’m overly excited!! Thank u for your kind words. 😃😃

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