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Tommy Shoes!!

!! Tommy Shoes !!

Shop Till You Drop

By Rexy and Flexy

Good Evening There!

We’re Internet bombers – Rexyy and Flexyy – here from Tommy Shoes! Here is where you Shop Till You Drop the most amazing pairs of shoes you’ll ever see in your life! [For comedy purpose. Lol]

  • Rexy: Here we are now, presenting you with an amazing announcement about out 3 pairs of newly launched footwear!
  • Flexy: Nowadays we see a lot of companies selling different and different kinds of shoes everydayy!
  • Rexy: Ofcourse! Who wouldn’t? I mean, that’s a basic necessity of life!
  • Flexy: Oh right! I’m sure I’d be dead without at least 20 pairs of shoes!! Wouldn’t you?
  • Rexy: Oh darn, yes! Buying from Tommy Shoes, dude, you think someone would stop at 20 pairs?!
  • Flexy: Tommy Shoes! – Our shoes are the ones with multiple purposes available at cheap rates!
  • Rexy: Now that is something worth your attention, isn’t it?

The Columbian pair:

  • Rexy: Our first pair of shoes are the COLUMBIAN SHOES!
  • Flexy: These multipurpose shoes have an ultra-flat and hard sole made from the finest steel ever!
  • Rexy: You can wear them on your hands too, ofcourse! I mean,um.. they look that pretty!
  • Flexy: These are THE BEST shoes for smacking faces efficiently. [OO la la laa…!]
  • Rexy: Its very very durable and can last upto 5000 hits and smacks?! It’s a must have in every girl’s house!
  • Flexy: Buy 1, get 1 free! Slap 2 faces, 2 cheeks simultaneously!

Offer Available Now!

The Unbelievable Ferragamo Heels:

  • Rexy: Our next pair of slippers are The Ferragamo Heels!
  • Flexy: These are the most wonderful and dangerous looking pair of shoes with the most pointed heels, you’ll ever encounter in your life!
  • Rexy: Well, the heels are so sharp that you can probably use them as .. or daggers possibly?!
  • Flexy: They make you look extra tall, that you probably feel as though you’re gonna hit the ceiling!
  • Rexy: Hey, who do you think would wanna be that tall?
  • Flexy: Ah, yes! Forgot to mention, you can even adjust the height of the heels!! Now that’s something!
  • Rexy: Yes,and then indirectly you can use them as ladders too!                                                            

    Image result for tallest heels ever worn
    Now that’s what you call Heels!!

The Life Changers! :

  • Flexy: Ever got worried about your extremely spotty face, with um.. a Zipper mouth? 
  • Rexy: Leave your worries to us!
  • Flexy: These are the most colourful and amazing pair of shoes you’ll ever find, that anyone who encounters you, will look at your dazzzling feet and nowhere else!
  • Rexy: Anyone wearing these pair can get an absolute Gigi Hadid or Karlie Kloss look instantly!!
  • Flexy: It can be anywhere, anytime!
  • Rexy: It automatically changes colours to match your dresses too! Cool, eh?
  • Flexy: If you haven’t got a pair of these, then what are you doing with your lives?!
  • Rexy: But its not too late! You can get your pair from us.
  • Flexy: Dial 033-8995-4662 to order your shoes!
  • Rexy: Get up, asses! Its a now or never deal!

Image result for most dazzling slippers                      download-7

Omg this is hacked!



There'll be HAters, dOubters, nOn-beliEvers.. And then there'll be YoU.. ProVing them WRoNg..

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