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Miss being a Kid

I miss being a kid.

Birthday parties in class with cakes,

Where everyone felt invited,

When there were no grumbles and secrets,

When there were nothing such as “RumOurs”

Spelling tests with the extra credit word being happiness,

Being able to run around playing freeze tag,

Oh,without getting tired,

Then putting my head on the pillow at night

And knocking right out with no worries.

I miss eating how much ever I wanted,

Without the hint of a thought,

Curling up on the couch with a good book,

And not getting up till it was done.

Running home to watch Noddy,

And ofcourse waking up on a Saturday morning for cartoons.

I miss the days when almost everyone was your best friend,

when being proud of myself was as simple as pouring my own glass of milk,

when we loved going to school to hear the teacher read us stories,

The days when I used to dream about being anything I wanted to be,

without knowing the discouraging realities of society.

When I thought I would be the one marrying Prince Charming,

When feeling better was as nice as getting a kiss from your mom.

When I thought the only reason people cried was because they scraped their knee

And the only cuts people gained were the ones from falling off their feet,.

I miss not being stressed,

When everything was pure,



And simple.

But then,

The best of all,

Was that time never seemed to run out.

Me 😦



There'll be HAters, dOubters, nOn-beliEvers.. And then there'll be YoU.. ProVing them WRoNg..

3 thoughts on “Miss being a Kid

  1. I loved this post! I just read your blogs
    fairly often and you’re always releasing great stuff. I
    shared this on my facebook and my follwers loved it!

    Keep up you’ll be able to work.


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