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Can’t Help It

No, but I just can’t help hating it. The way teens around the world are being treated. I mean, we’re just normal humans with an age and a life, not inhuman aliens.

I hate it. The way they gush and fuss about once you reach your age, like, ” Omg Omg you’re an adult. You’re going to go through a lottt of stuff. You’re going to grow tall, fat, get a lot of this and feel a lot of that, have responsibilities, one must do this to avoid that..blah blah and what not. And I just retreat back in my head like, “Dude, you seem to be more hyped up than I am. Get a life.” Yikes.

Maybe it sounds bitchy, but you sure get fed up after a point. Well, talking about being bitchy, what about the so-called ‘hormones’? It’s funny how your world seems to revolve only around hormones, once you reach your age. Seriously, I’m beginning to doubt if I really have a brain,a heart and a few organs that help me do stuff, or if it’s just hormones everywhere.

Who am I? Do I have a character? Do I have a heart that makes me feel things, a mind that insinuates responses, a gut that gives me intuitutions, or do I have nothing at all? Am I a big bundle of packaged hormones? Am I rattling off at this because I feel I need to say all this out loud, or if it’s just the stupid hormones that is making me do this?

Sure, you can retaliate. That science is the ultimatum, and anything anyone can feel or do is all because of biological, glandular and hormonal changes that take place in a body. I am a lover of science myself, but I must say I agree (even if it’s just 1%) when the Vatican says that sometimes it DOES take out the beauty of things. Not science. But the intervention and intermixing of the human thoughts and beliefs with the scientific facts.

A hundred years ago, the sun rise was considered to be an earthly and stunning phenomenon that people looked forward to everyday, which, I say, had a beauty of its own. People worshipped the nature and the Mother Earth. Now, to the absolute contrary, it has evolved to people showering money on idols, hardly thankful, but in fact asking for more, and not so much as to glance at the sun, let alone worship it.

Well, maybe I guess I’m losing track of what I was actually about to say. But the whisperings are more than often, unbearable. And they made me get to this.

“Oh, she’s a teenager. She gets mood swings and has issues”,

“Oh, don’t take it seriously. Nothing you feel is actually true. It’s just the harmones”,

“Ah,I know it’s tough to deal with the hormones. But don’t worry. Don’t blame yourself. You can’t help yourself with the hormones”,

“Oops, she’s a teenager. They’re unpredictable, really. Seem to think the world revolves around them”,

“Oh, don’t take it hard on yourself. You just have to blame the hormones. Poor kid.”

Yikes. Now you get me.

I wish people would get this. I get angry, because something triggers me up. I cry because I’m hurt. I am a living soul who  ( I believe) actually has something more than just harmones and enzymes and whatnot. I have a mind which is deep, and a heart which swims in a variety of stuff who knows what.

I am Me. I am unique. I feel things. I am exquisite. So is everyone. This is the time we actually start to get to know about the real world outside. Give us a break. It doesn’t happen easily; not in a day. We learn to take care of ourselves, and start depending on ourselves, for once. That doesn’t mean you get to steal our identity, make us invisible, and reduce us to stupid secretions. I don’t wish to blame; nor criticize anyone. But that’s how things seem to be. And I wish it wouldn’t.

So long,





There'll be HAters, dOubters, nOn-beliEvers.. And then there'll be YoU.. ProVing them WRoNg..

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