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Okay I’m going to be calm….Calm.
Aaaaaah ok no.

I know most of my posts are, umm.. well, a bit deep?

But this is completely different. I felt I really needed to share these, cuz I am really hyped up. Ha! So I found some really cute shoes. And they’re adorable. Here I’ll show you the whole collection yas. ( They’re not entirely mine, though. LOL. But still I’d be allowed to wear them any time I want, so technically I guess I can call them mine. ;-p) )

  • Rain Boots


So what if the rains have stopped, these boots are basically goals. Being super comfy is just a bonus. You can wear them year round, and they’re arguably the most versatile shoes you can ever find.


Studded ballet flats


I have black and silver ones too. Ballet flats are basically everyday wear, casual and formal so it works with everything you wear. By far the most practical of them all, and if you don’t have a pair, what are you doing with your life?


•Loud high heels


If you’re the type of person who goes out everywhere and just NEEDS a good pair of heels, go for a loud glittery pair. Pair it with a little black dress or with your jeans and plain crop top with a Cardigan. These are the best, if you wanna look thinner and accentuate your legs. Just remember not to pair it up with something too bling. You don’t wanna look like Bappi Lahiri.

That’s all for now! i’ll get to you soon with my nail colors and lipstick collection!


Me ❤



There'll be HAters, dOubters, nOn-beliEvers.. And then there'll be YoU.. ProVing them WRoNg..

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