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Catching up after a couple of months

Aaaahhhh. Okay. Calm down.

I can’t believe I’m back??!!

Hey have you ever realised, too much inspiration pretty much equals no inspiration? I just did. *rolls eyes*

I’m back to blogging after 2 MONTHS, (a social-media-less one, at that) and I’m FULL OF IDEAS, and excited at meeting friends that I can hardly fathom where to start even. πŸ˜‚ (Oh God, pity me).

For starters, I had to break from my blogging schedule (not that I really a proper one, lol) because I had a really hectic time at school, because we were rushing up badly with coursework submission, class tests, mocks, projects, and LOADS of homework and revision, that I felt I could NOT possibly afford to take any social media time. And the month was good and I’m glad that I managed.

And then came Easter! I had a lovely Easter with my friends and family. (I really hope you guys did too. And happy late Easter! Eeks.😁).

We had a nice dinner and hey Easter Eggs were the BEST! ( Just who doesn’t love them?)

And my Easter hols were so cool. An absolute pleasure especially after the hectic month I’d had. I felt super free and excited all day.

I think that’s the bus (I’m walking past the bus stop rn). The horn is terrible by the way. It’s blaring, which makes me wonder if I might possibly go deaf the next time I hear it.

Also I can’t basically WAIT FOR SUMMER. I know it’s a little early but the smell of holidays has left me dreaming about beaches and sunshine. But spring is terrific in its own essence, I must agree.

And oh I shall be going on a holiday this summer!

And then, on the darker side of all this comes the worry of choosing Higher subjects, getting into Sixth Form, doing my Standard Grades (aka, the GCSEs) and departing tearfully from Year 11 (Class 10, or Fourth Year), which I think has been one of the best years I’ve ever had in my life at school.

Oh hey, my loveliest friend Gracie performed in the London Theatre! (Emphasis on the “LONDON THEATRE”!!) Omg I still find it hard to believe because I’ve always held so much respect and LOVE for that place. (although I haven’t visited it, which is SAD). So I had moments of being uncontrollably happy whenever she gave me her updates.

She had loads of people buying tickets for her show (which is AMAZING OMG) and the lovely Elm was one of them! She is so incredibly sweet. And I can only stop myself from screaming. Aaah. πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒ

Also, I’ve been hanging out at a friend’s house for the past couple of days, along with another friend. It was SO fun. I mean, we just sat there painting cards and cracking stupid jokes and making an idiot of ourselves, while beach songs played in the background. (I know it’s a bit early for beach songs, but it’s cool, though). It was really relaxing and it warmed me so much. What better way is there, other than to chill out with your mates? So I decided I should probably go out a lot this year.

Um, I read a couple of YA which were okay? One of them is called The Red Hot Love Hunt. It’s a perfect summer-read and it made me feel all nice and summery!

Oh my God I almost fell over a Nettle bush. Oh Goodnesss! *Internally freaks out*

I’ve been having terrific rehearsals for a dance program that I am doing by the end of this month. You just can’t imagine how vigorous they are- it makes me really tired but it sure makes up for all the working out that I’d planned to do this year.

But it’s a big sigh when it comes to the fact that I feel like I want to go to bed as early as 8 pm after the tired day – meaning, I can’t stay up watching movies or reading or chatting away. Argh!

Also I’ve joined a local library which is absolutely terrific!! It’s been years since I went there, but now when I stepped inside, it was almost like the place was set up for meee!! Like hey, can you imagine it had almost all of my favourite reads? Oh my God. Gobsmacked!

Did I tell you that I felt like a few days of school would be nice, during Easter hols? I know I know. I must be mad. All the year I keep dreaming about holidays and almost die waiting for it. But now that it’s here, oh well, you can imagine.

Wait. Not that I really wanted to go to school. It was just a mo of desperation. Oh whatever. I better shut up before I confuse you mad. Hehe.πŸ˜‚

Anyway so HOW ARE YOU ALL????!!!

Ahh I’m basically dying to catch up. I must have missed loads and have definitely got a LOT of posts to read through. I promise I’ll catch up by this weekend and until then feel absolutely free to update me because I’d just LOVE TO HEAR IT ALL.

Poor me. I kind of feel lost. Oops. *Shys away*





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