YA Novels vs Reality/ Oh please

So, Have you ever felt you have grown up a fair bit (by age), but haven’t lived up to your full potential, or did the things you could have done by now? Or life could have been something more interesting now that you’re growing old or something? (Oh, get a grip, I’m around 16, not OLD old.)

***If yes, you might be having a case of Too-Much-YA-ficiton-itis***

There’s hasn’t been a DAY I haven’t worried about this. But recently this feeling seems to have intensified. Why?

  1.  I’ve been having loads of free time and hols, since Easter
  2. I’m reading a lot of fiction and YA.


Oh please, teens my age are saving the world already!🤐

There are 16 year old kids dating multiple boyfriends (who knows how many more are yet to fall for them), kicking butt on the battlefield, smoking weed/pot/whatever, and oh, getting pregnant.

(Speaking of pregnancy, oh goodness!! Is underage-pregnancy the new trend?! I need to write a whole post on this. *mutters to myself*)

And not to forget, they’re also fighting Lord Voldemort (or You-Know-Who huh), becoming Vampires, fighting the Hunger Games, getting into Factions and starting a new life and also leading a war. (WAIT. WAR??!!?)

And they are also discovering that they’re the long-lost princess from the Kingdom of um,…Excuse-Me-While-I-Get-Sick? And also they’re 16.

Again, I know it’s “Book World” and not “Real World”, but in My World, I don’t know where one ends and the next one starts.

I know I sound like a tiny kid who just found out Santa isn’t real. But it’s something deeper here. I don’t want to save the world from evil. (Not that I’d hate it 😝) But I’d like to live my teenage years in a way that’s more than homework, gossips, jokes, social media and selfies.

In plain words, I am confused about my life. I don’t know where I’m heading.

But here with Miss. Protagonist, my case is like- JUST WHO IS THE MAGICAL PERSON. WHY DO THEY HAVE THEIR LIFE PUT TOGETHER SO WELL BUT PRETEND IT’S MESSED UP BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT THE OTHERS DO? For me, I just learnt to make an omelette yesterday.

Hands up, I agree it’s all amazing to be a part of Not-Normal Land and dream all day, and get transported into book world. Hell, I’ve been dreaming this way for 16 years of my life and where did I get? I remain right here.

It’s honestly depressing. Or even frustrating. I don’t know why this is happening to me. I’m a Mega-huge fiction lover. And I’m currently reading a YA/fiction, and I’m even addicted while I read it. But when I shut the book and think, the reality floods in like a huge slapping ice-cold wave on my frolics and sunshine.

Did you ever notice that YAs have the BEST friendship and boyfriend goals? It’s more common there to have your friends and boyfriend(s) sticking up to you in matters of life and death, and not your parents.

Did you take time to think that it might not be true at all, no matter how hard we wish it was? (It’s breaking me to say this, but I’ve come here. So here we go)

Your parents and family is what stays with you till the end. Friends are amazing. I promise you can’t be without them. But they come and go. You might have to change or even move on sometimes. And its not really a Forever with every single person you fancy. But that’s not the case with family.

I think YAs sometimes make kids devalue home, in a supposedly “cool” way.



The teenage main character finds out a mega-huge secret about the enemy mean girl/ army/ corrupt govt./ mysterious serial killer/ sketchy biology teacher. They run to people with power. And then either someone listens to them and joins them on the investigation/resistance right away, or they gather a group/army and fight.

SERIOUSLYY?! *eye rolls* I only wish it were that simple. I can’t even fight the trash-problem in my next street.

Everyone seems to follow the protagonist because they seem to be the Chosen One for…um..no reason??

AND HEY IS THIS CLOUD PALACE IN HEAVEN? Because everyone seems to be as beautiful as Gods and Goddesses dropped straight from the abode of the angels.

Just puh-lease.

I’m surrounded by teenagers 85-90% of the time and let me tell you the fact that they can be sporty, awkward, gothy, nerdy, geeky and not just plain pretty and too much into makeup. Say hello to braces, pimples, weird fashion trends and frizzy hair. Not everyone looks like someone who can win a Gigi Hadid look-alike competition!

And Love Triangles!!

Don’t even get me started there.

And it’s even okay with love triangles, but sadly it doesn’t stop there. It becomes Love Quadilaterals, and even Love Octagons who knows!?

And hell with the ‘Forevers’and ‘Happily Ever Afters ‘. And it’s even worse in vampire stuff.

They get married and live happily ever after with their high school boyfriend/girlfriend. And mind it. Happily ever after here means 1000 years-something.
Sure, some of my classmates will end up marrying their current boyfriend/girlfriend but most will breakup before or during college.

And hey, most teens are looking for someone who’d be a good prom date, not a good father. This doesn’t mean that our feelings of love, confusion, and crushes are less serious, or that we don’t need narratives about teenage relationships. But making every teenage love story a permanent installment shows a fundamental lack of understanding of teens.
We might not want to envision breaking up with someone, but very few of us are looking for a true ‘forever love’ or a spiritual soul-mate whatever.

And there’s more, but I don’t want to make this uber-long. Oopsie. 😝

P.S. So all of this doesn’t mean I’m against YA Novels. Some of my favourite reads are still YA.
I understand YA is fiction, and a story about a teenager’s every day life went would be pretty boring.

But I read a fair amount of YA fiction and it got on my nerves that EVERY book seemed to revolve around the SAME concept- Ultra Hot boys and too much cliche.

I like YA stuff but I think we need more than the current stuff. And hence the post. 😉🙂

So long,




There'll be HAters, dOubters, nOn-beliEvers.. And then there'll be YoU.. ProVing them WRoNg..

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