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Let’s Do with a Story 

So, I had to babysit a group of primary kids a week ago, and I had to read them a book everyday. I got pretty bored soon, so I started making up stories on my own.

And here’s one, not just for kids, but for every damn person on earth. Especially for schoolers of all age. I hope you take in the underlying theme, because with that in mind, we can all together be unique in an exceptional way. 🙂

Mrs.Fox was happy.

With gleaming eyes and boundless faith, she hoped that her newly opened school would be a flying success. There were more than 100 admissions, and just a couple more weeks to go.

She was determined to make it the best school in the entire Jungle and introduced everything in the curriculum – reading, writing, arithmetic, swimming, dancing, running, climbing trees etc. and insisted that the teachers should take classes regularly and test the students periodically. Students would be made to compete on all grounds and be awarded with Merit Certificates and medals.

Classes started. Students were advised to take notes in class, memorize every lesson sincerely, and do homework daily. And exams were scheduled too.

However, as weeks passed by, the teachers were extremely unsatisfied with the results.

However much they ever tried, they couldn’t teach the Lion to swim, the fish to run and the tiger, to even hold a pencil!

The crow refused to sing and the fox could never fly.

The teachers tried all the methods and regularly conducted extra classes, special classes on Sundays and drilled the students to the utmost. Results would be moderate on one day, and yet the next day they would be as bad as ever.

The teachers awarded regular punishments to the students, believing they would become a “little more sincere”.

The peacock would help the teacher conduct dancing classes but the pig would not get a single step correct.

Likewise the owl did not want to learn to read and the monkey could not swim.
All the students failed in the exams.

The jungle folks were very worried and the fox was in an abyss. The baby animals felt guilty, depressed and useless. They didn’t like school.

They had destroyed all hopes of Mrs. Fox and their parents. Probably they were useless and undeserving. They hated the neighbours’ comments and their mums looking sad.

But every rain blooms flowers. The wise owl then told a brilliant plan to Mrs.Fox.

Let the students take up the class they want to and then conduct the exam. The monkey did not have to learn swimming anymore, but the crocodile could practice swimming and diving.

The crow could fly and learn to do somersaults in the air and the squirrel could continue learning to crack nuts. The birds could sing and the turtles didn’t have to climb trees.

School became a lovely place where everyone could do what they wished, where interests and passion were developed till the students mastered them, and there was no more “stress”.
The ducks swam all day and the peacocks danced all week.

When the exams were conducted, all the students passed with flying colours.

The animals weren’t “bad” and dunce at everything. They were just masters in a certain thing.

And so are you.

So the next time you don’t feel your heart leaping with joy, as you work out Chemistry, keep it away for once. Show them. Prove them that a pioneer in dance, music, arts or language, doesn’t have to work out formulae and decipher quantum theories, and vice versa.


P.S. I’m so sorry for being so quiet for such a long time!! (In case you didn’t notice my absence, never mind.😂) I’ve got so many posts in draft, but I couldn’t just post them. And the blogosphere seems super quiet suddenly and it’s deafening. I hope I fully reconnect soon! XX



There'll be HAters, dOubters, nOn-beliEvers.. And then there'll be YoU.. ProVing them WRoNg..

15 thoughts on “Let’s Do with a Story 

      1. GREAT STORY.

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  1. I love love love this story. In just a few paragraphs you have summed up my dream for the education system – one day I will have a school like that and this story will be on the website!!! What did the kids think? ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    1. AAAH OMG DID YOU JUST SAY THAT. And you should DEFINITELY open the school, and when you do I promise you’ll have my FULL support for the dream school. Eeee!!
      You have a way of making me feel really good. I thought of all this as something in a far away land, and hearing you say this has made me really happy!
      P.S. And I guess the kids loved it. Half of them were screaming happily in support, and the other half were like, “Who would be stupid enough to ask fish to fly and pigs to dance?”😂😂

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  2. CAN YOU JUST PUBLISH THIS ALREADY? This is so great, and so many kids need to hear this story these days. Gaah sharing this to my twitter NOW!!!

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  3. I really loved this one girl.. Next time I’m babysitting my kid cousins I’m certainly telling ’em this story.. I only hope more adults realise the idea behind this. Oh and btw I absolutely love your blogs k? You’re amazing..


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