Bad Day?

           Had a Cruddy Day?

Everyone has a bad day. Seriously, though it may not feel like it, it’s pretty normal once you know how to deal with it. And bottling up everything is NOT how you deal with it.

I, for one, can understand. Because dude, I have had a first hand experience on this. That heart-wrenching and killing feeling that you experience at times..desperate times..when you feel you sure need to pour it out to someone.

Ask yourself. Haven’t you ever felt that? That you just NEED to talk to someone, but then you can’t really do that, because you’ve had too much that makes you distrust almost everyone? That your insecurity is going overboard and you feel almost everyone is just too busy to actually listen to you AND give a shit to it?

Well, I know that feeling because I used to feel it almost every night, which then ultimately makes me break out in tears. Although it doesn’t happen as frequently as before and the intensity has reduced… I sure do know how it feels. And I don’t really want anyone else to drown in emotions.

I have started this column, to let you know, that whatever happens, you MUST not lose hope. That whatever happens there are people around you to help you. Atleast here. Feel free to approach me by letting out your troubles, no matter how silly or trivial it is. Because nothing is as important as you.

You can reach me through my Contact Page, and if it’s fine with you, I shall post it on my page so that it may be of some spark (I hope) to other readers like you and me. And it’s completely safe, since you don’t really have to tell me about yourself or your name. 😉

We can even do a Collaboration. Just mail me your content and it shall be posted with your alias/name. As long as it isn’t any swear content or threats, I shall be looking forward to it. 😊